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Company Introduction

macroGEN Limited, better known as macroGEN, was founded by Nyl Dela Cruz who always dreamt to have a business of her own. She previously worked as one of the Senior Implementation Specialists helping US/CA clients integrate their business with Cin7. Then, she decided to move on to work with simPRO (Job Management Software) when she realized that most of the SAAS companies have the same problem, which is migrating their current database to the new software format. That is when she decided to start a company. At first she only thought of having a data migration company. Since she had a good relationship with the Cin7 CEO, she then decided to reach out with him to be a Cin7 partner and this is her exact words:

Based on my experience as an Implementation Specialist, I know the pain of the customer when it comes to converting their current data to Cin7 format (or any other format). This is the main objective of the company I am talking about – To help customers with the requirements of the SAAS company specifically with the data conversion to the required format.

This will benefit both the SAAS Company and the customer signing up to shorten the process of onboarding to going live. The lesser the time consumption of IT’s onboarding, the more revenue SAAS companies will get. Likewise, the lesser the consumed time on the onboarding, the sooner the customer to go on live. Plus, the quality of the data is assured.” 

David responded and asked her to get in contact with the Partner Manager. The Partner Manager knew Nyl, who is working on the complex projects during her time with Cin7. So, he did convinced her to also do implementation. Nyl accepted the offer. Since she’s aware that it’s not easy to learn a new software, she realized that it is also a good opportunity to provide onsite implementation aside from the online implementation to NZ’s customers to provide more in-depth training on clients who needs hand holding all throughout the process.


As the starting up progresses, Nyl met a lot of people, who, then, opened more opportunities for the company to provide a lot more services as Nyl’s envisioned a one stop shop for all the clients/customers that needed software services. Now, we are offering the following services:

  • Onsite Implementation (Only for NZ)
  • Online Implementation (US,CA,AU,UK,NZ)
  • Data migration (helping clients to move their raw/current data to a new software format)
  • Web design and development
  • API integration
  • SEO/Digital Marketing

PS: macroGEN is from the words macro which means large scale, and GEN, short for Genius and Generation. Although, the thought of “macro” originated from the only service that Nyl initially wants to offer – data manipulation that requires different functions/macros that can be done through MS Excel. On the other hand, “GEN” initially a shortcut for genius only, has incorporated GEN for generation that gave birth to our slogan “WE believe TECH is the FUTURE”

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We’ve been a strategy thought leader for nearly five decades and we bring

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We’ve been a strategy thought leader for nearly five decades and we bring

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We’ve been a strategy thought leader for nearly five decades and we bring

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Leslee Timan

Head of People & Finance

macroGEN focuses on giving our employees the flexibility to use their time how they wish to as we believe with results rather than the set number of working hours.

Nyl Dela Cruz

Principal Consultant

Qualified Software Consultant helping clients globally to improve their current processes by integrating to a software that can streamline the company’s workflow as I believe that TECH is the FUTURE.

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