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We are a Cin7 integration expert!

We are Cin7 integration experts and offer you the best cloud-based retail management solution with e-commerce, marketplace, inventory management, point of sale (POS), and reporting features. It fully integrates with your business and fulfills all your business needs. 

We at macroGen work hand in hand with you to understand your system for Cin7 integration. Our Company has skilled employees that ensure you are getting everything out of the system that was promised.

  • Expand and enhance business effectively and efficiently with Cin7 Integration.
  • Integration with no hidden cost and regardless of all complex sales channels.
  • macroGen, help you build the most intuitive reports and dashboards that deliver 100% transparency of your business.
  • Our experience and expertise benefit you with smooth integration with all software benefits.
  • Our Principal Consultant used to work as one of the most tenured Implementation Specialists at Cin7

Benefits of Cin7

Now manage your stock, inventory, order, and account smartly. Cin7 built to connect the product, sales channel, stock locations, order, warehouse status, and workflows. It benefits your business by putting everything under a single software and shows you the status in the form of a dashboard and reports. 

  • Real time Stock Management
  • Cin7 has an inbuilt POS that provides real-time visibility of stock movement and availability across different warehouses or on-site locations. 
  • Warehouse Management using the improved Pick ‘N Pack module
  • Production cost tracking
  • Cin7 is a powerful software that can help you meet your specific business needs from product manufacturing your product to shipping
  • Cin7 can connect all your selling channels and warehouses but still show the correct inventory levels
  • Cin7 has an open API that allows you to connect your desired application at an extra cost.

What is Cin7 used for?

Cin7 is a product and inventory management software for sellers and wholesalers. The prime use of Cin7 is to connect and manage the order, inventory, shipping, order, and accounting, all in a single software. Cin7 takes your business to the next level by giving you the end-to-end control. Now you can keep an eye on every transaction that impact your inventory.

Is Cin7 a CRM?

Yes, Cin7 is a CRM for retailers and wholesalers. Cin7, help you serve your customer better by managing your complete stock and delivering them an on-time product. With the Cin7 integration, you can sync your customer, products, and orders regularly, which keeps you connected with your customers regularly.

Does Cin7 have an app?

Yes, Cin7 is now available in App Store. You can take your business anytime-anywhere with Cin7. It gives you a real-time-full-view of all the inventory, supply chain, account, and warehouse status, which is accessible across all your devices.  

What is the pricing of Cin7 Integration?

Cin7 integration cost is dependent on the scope of work. The costing may vary as per the business requirement, or it may also vary due to different Cin7 versions. Hence being an experienced Cin7 partner, we work for our client at an hourly rate. Our hourly rate starts from:

  • $200/Hour for Cin7 Online Implementation
  • $300/Hour for Cin7 Onsite Implementation

Is Cin7 suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Cin7 is suitable for small to large sized businesses

Can Cin7 pull my customers from my accounting software?

Not at this time, Cin7 can only push customers to your accounting software. If the customer already exists, Cin7 will automatically do the mapping as long as the contact is 100% the same.

Is Cin7 suitable for the apparel industry?

Yes, Cin7 can work with almost all industries, apparel is one of the strengths of Cin7 for the ability to track stock per size grid.

Can you connect multiple entities of your business to Cin7?

Yes, Cin7 can help you connect multiple entities. Cin7 even has an automation for multi entities depending on the workflow.

Is Cin7 suitable for manufacturing?

Yes, Cin7 have specific workflows for internal and external manufacturing

Can Cin7 track serial numbers?

Yes, Cin7 can help you track serial numbers, this is tricky as you need to put the correct serial numbers when bringing in your products. Talk to one of the Consultants to guide you through

Can Cin7 track batch numbers?

Yes, Cin7 offers batch tracking and Cin7 can even do FIFO basis of batches. This is still workflow dependent

Can Cin7 track expiration dates?

Yes, if you are in a food industry and need inventory management to track your expiration dates Cin7 offers this feature as one of the core.

lgkjhgjhCan Cin7 track products with Unit of Measure (UOM)?

Yes, you can bring in the product in Cin7 in larger quantities and sell it in individual units.

Can Cin7 track BOMs / Kits or Kit sets?

Yes, this feature is also one of the Cin7 cores.  Cin7 can do it in two ways. 

  1. You can create the parent as a placeholder of the child or component products and Cin7 can deduct the stock directly from the child
  2. Same setup of no 1, create the parent  and child and Cin7 can deduct the stock directly from the parent item.

Note: Both ways, the customers will only see the parent products. The child products will be set up at the backend of Cin7 for proper inventory tracking.

Can I do API integration with Cin7?

Yes, Cin7 has an open API that allows you to connect your application to Cin7. macroGEN offers this service to help Cin7 clients streamline their business processes