If you’re an e-commerce business owner, you’ve probably heard of Amazon or even purchased a few products from it. After all, it’s the largest online retailer in the world. 

Its service called Fulfillment by Amazon also lets you create an account where you can sell your own products without storing, packing, or shipping them yourself. 

And with Cin7’s out-of-the-box Amazon integration, Amazon sellers in NZ or anyone who wants to sign up for an Amazon FBA account in New Zealand can benefit from Cin7’s complete solution, from inventory management to order fulfillment.  

What is Amazon FBA? 

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a service that lets e-commerce businesses outsource their order fulfillment to Amazon. 

It works by sending your products to an Amazon fulfillment center. When a customer purchases your product, Amazon will take care of the picking, packing, and order shipping.

Aside from order fulfillment, FBA also offers customer service and processing of any returned orders. 

Your products are also eligible for Prime Shipping, which means your customers can enjoy benefits like free two-day shipping. Amazon customers can get free shipping on eligible orders as well.

How Fulfillment by Amazon Works 

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Want to know how to become an Amazon seller and how FBA works? Here’s how:  

  1. Create your Amazon selling account by registering for FBA. 
  2. Pick the products you want to send to Amazon and create product listings for them. 
  3. After adding the products to the Amazon catalog, create your FBA shipment. 
  4. Prepare and label your products, then send the orders to the Amazon fulfillment center.
  5. Once your shipment is received, the products will become available to purchase on the product detail page of your Amazon store. 
  6. When a customer buys one of your FBA offers, Amazon will proceed to pack and ship your order on your behalf. 
  7. Amazon customer service will also assist your customer and handle any returns. 

With FBA, you can focus on selling, and Amazon will take care of everything else. 

Benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon 

Order fulfillment can take up a lot of time and resources. When you outsource it to FBA, you can have more time to work on other things in your business and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Logistics covering New Zealand and Australia 
  • High demand and trust rating for Amazon and its products 
  • Introduction of your products to customers around the globe 
  • Wide variety of shipping options for your customers 
  • 24/7 customer service 

Cin7 Integration with Amazon Seller and FBA

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Cin7 makes order allocation and fulfillment from Amazon warehouses easier with its real-time Amazon Seller Portal dashboard.  Moreover, you can perform and manage different tasks right from Cin7, reducing your administrative tasks and saving time and effort. 

With Cin7’s built-in EDI, download Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller orders directly from Amazon and receive orders from different channels to your outsourced warehouse.

Enjoy automated features such as stock adjustments and availability, order status updates, product mapping, and BOMs for product bundles.  

Cin7 also lets you stay on top of your stocks and accurately track them in your outsourced warehouse. This way, you know how much you have and when to replenish them.  

You can also send Amazon shipping plans when you create a purchase order or branch transfer. Through Cin7’s inbound notifications, you can get notified when your products arrive and are received by the Amazon Fulfillment center. 

You’ll also receive pick notifications, so your customers will be updated when their order is on the way. And with Cin7’s auto back-ordering, you can create a back-order when your third-party logistics partner picks less than the order quantity. 

Expand your business quickly with Cin7’s Amazon integration. Whether you’re an Amazon vendor or seller, benefit from its seamless order management. Work faster, automate your inventory, simplify order management, and scale your growth without needing third-party connectors.