BigCommerce is an e-commerce solution designed for online business owners or people who want to sell their products online. It allows you to build or operate your store online without having to purchase a web hosting plan or any other online application. 

It offers different personalised models which can help you build your online store, market your products, make your order fulfillment and customer service efficient, and boost your sales. 

With BigCommerce, you don’t need to possess website design skills and technical know-how. It has a very user-friendly interface. But it’s a plus point if you know something about modifying HTML and CSS to make your online store truly your own. 

BigCommerce vs. Shopify

They’re both popular, powerful, and feature-rich e-commerce platforms. They’re also both winning when it comes to pricing, ease of use, design, sales and website features, and customer support. So, whichever you choose will depend on what your online store needs. 

For instance, BigCommerce offers integrations that are perfect for new or growing online businesses, while Shopify’s offers are recommended for larger stores. 

In short, BigCommerce is the perfect choice for anyone who’s just started a small to medium-sized online store and doesn’t want to be burdened by complicated website requirements or issues.  

How Do You Use BigCommerce? 

How Do You Use BigCommerce? l macroGEN

You don’t need to download or install anything on your computer. To start using BigCommerce, you just need to sign up for an account and create your domain name. You’ll then have access to different features on your new e-commerce website, such as the concept editor and the revenue management panel. 

After you successfully register, you can now upload your products to the BigCommerce database, set up your delivery and tax information, and build your website and marketing strategy so you can start operating your online shop. 

You can also receive payments securely on your e-commerce site. Once a customer adds an item to their cart, BigCommerce can start processing the orders. 

Many big e-commerce websites use BigCommerce; examples include Sony, Ubisoft Store, Casio, GE Appliances, Game Nerdz, Bulk Apothecary, Black Diamond, and RAZER, just to name a few.

What are the Features of BigCommerce? 

BigCommerce offers customers a convenient online shopping experience and e-commerce business owners a wide range of high-quality and valuable features and tools. Some of these features include: 

  • POS integrations 
  • Shipping options 
  • Single-page checkout
  • Persistent cart
  • Abandoned cart recovery 
  • Coupons and gift certificates 
  • Product videos and swatches 
  • Ratings and reviews 
  • Customer groups and segmentation 
  • Bulk pricing 
  • Unlimited products, bandwidth, and file storage 
  • B2B Edition 
  • BigCommerce App Store

Big Commerce and Cin7 Integration

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Integrate your BigCommerce website with Cin7 and easily manage stocks, process orders, and generate reports. In fact, you can do a lot more with BigCommerce and Cin7 inventory management that will boost your sales in all your channels and more!  

  • Know just what you have with real-time stock visibility 
  • Automate your order downloads and benefit from location-based fulfillment routing 
  • Track orders easily and update the shipping status 
  • Upload your sales by batches to your accounting software 
  • Use alternate ledger accounts to report sales 
  • Organise your customer contacts in Cin7

Aside from a wide array of integrations and automated processes, Cin7 has built-in warehouse and POS features. Your business will benefit from its all-in-one inventory and end-to-end supply chain integration and help you meet today’s challenges. 

Explore how Cin7 can boost your sales and increase efficiency―from dispatching orders and updating shipping status to reconciling reports. Call, email, or send us a message for a free personalised demo. We can help you come up with a tailor-made solution for your business. We can even assist you with your e-commerce and marketplace setup if you require it.