Because of the effectiveness and efficiency of B2B e-commerce, many B2B sellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors benefit from it and base their buying decisions on their direct or indirect customer experience. Furthermore, many B2B buyers are willing to pay more for a better e-commerce portal and an improved B2B experience. 

In the midst of an ever-evolving landscape, many B2B merchants are left at their own devices to figure out the needs of their B2B buyers. Admittedly, any digital transformation may be daunting and seem complicated. But with the right B2B platform, you can modernize your B2B business and take advantage of everything it offers to keep your customers coming back.  

How Customers Use a B2B Online Store

How Customers Use a B2B Online Store l macroGEN
  • Once an account is set up and a password is created, customers will be given a link to log in to the B2B online store. The store logo and banner image are usually seen on the login page.  
  • After logging in, customers can select or search for products to purchase and check out. They can access their account via My Account and view their purchases via Order History. Customers can also place bulk orders via the Upload a Bulk Order page.
  • When you select a product, you’ll see a detailed screen with pricing, images, description, and product options.
  • Selecting the plus sign or entering a number sets the quantity for an order. 
  • Quantities and products can be added to or removed from an order on the Review page. 
  • You can also specify the delivery address, preferred delivery date, PO number, and special instructions for orders. 

Cin7 B2B Online: What You Can Enjoy 

The B2B online store is an online ordering channel where customers can log in, check stock, and place orders. All orders placed through the B2B store create sales orders in Cin7.

Run a B2B online store effectively and efficiently with a built-in inventory. Offer your customers a seamless online shopping experience that will make them repeat customers.  

With Cin7, you can take advantage of powerful features built for your B2B e-commerce channel. Boost your efficiency in your operations, save time and energy, and increase your sales. Showcase your products, as well as their prices and inventory information. Eliminate the order process’s repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks. 

Moreover, there’s a lot of product flexibility. You can sell product bundles in different sizes, colors, and unlimited pack sizes from your stock. You can even showcase products at their price tiers and create special deals. 

Your customers can also see your actual stock levels from any warehouse, whether a third-party logistics warehouse or another branch. 

It allows customers to easily search product catalogs, reorder products, or place bulk orders. Automate your order routing so orders automatically go to a specific warehouse. Your customers can also add instructions or delivery dates so you can ship their orders according to their requirements. 

The Cin7 Advantage 

With Cin7, you can easily grow your online presence, expand your customer base, and improve your shipping capabilities. Set up various online B2B stores according to your customer groups, product range, or region without having to set up each on multiple platforms. Your customers can also order in bulk and multiple pack sizes so you can increase your sales volumes. 

It’s fast and integrated―you can leverage the inventory management capabilities of the Cin7 B2B platform.  It’s easy to get started, and it’s user-friendly, too.  

If you have a start-up business, Cin7 B2B is the best e-commerce platform as it saves you time performing manual order entries. More importantly, you can save a significant amount of time and money because you don’t need an IT team or developer to start using the platform.