Give your business everything it needs to operate more efficiently so you can sell more and scale up your business. It’s possible with Cin7, an inventory and order management software that provides businesses with one automated solution. 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and tedious data entry when you connect your inventory, order, shipping, and accounting systems with Cin7. Here are some of the biggest e-commerce and online marketplaces that integrate with Cin7 and how it helps streamline business processes and workflows.


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Cin7 integrates with WooCommerce so you can include it in your inventory system and manage your orders better, replenish your stocks quickly, and stay on top of your bottom line. 

Integrate WooCommerce with Cin7 and process your orders more efficiently. It automatically downloads orders to give you a better idea of what’s selling and what’s not. To save time, you can also dispatch orders automatically by country on the delivery address.  

Whether your stocks are in your physical store, warehouse, or integrated third-party logistics provider, your customers will know which stocks are available, and you can display them in your store wherever they may be kept. Moreover, customers are constantly updated regarding the status of their orders, and you can also easily manage your accounting with its batch invoice reporting. 


Cin7 also integrates with Magento, so you can sync stock levels, push order information between systems, and keep your Magento inventory updated. 

With Cin7, you can download orders and sales data with a click. Update your stock in real-time whenever you dispatch orders in Cin7. You can even batch Magento orders in one transaction and manage your international sales by integrating with third-party logistics providers.


Cin7 makes managing Shopify orders easier by bringing together your sales channel, accounting software, and warehouses, just to name a few. Enjoy real-time stock control and automate your order processes for the most accurate stock and status updates. Cin7 simplifies your order fulfillment by sending orders directly to your warehouse or third-party logistic partner. 


Some benefits you can enjoy when you integrate Cin7 with BigCommerce include order and shipping status tracking, real-time stock visibility, automated order downloads, location-based fulfillment routing, and sales batch uploads. 

Cin7 makes it easier for you to get your products to your customers wherever they may be located. Manage many things in one go with Cin7―stocks, purchases, shipping, reporting, and more on BigCommerce and other sales channels. With Cin7, your business can roll with the punches and rise to any challenge. 



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Cin7 is designed to automate Amazon Seller processes and help you spend less time on administrative tasks. Furthermore, you can sync your inventory to Cin7 to better manage your products and facilitate speedier order fulfillment. 

Import your products to Cin7, automate your orders, automatically send orders to where stocks are available, and track your orders so you can easily share status updates with your customers. You can do all these and more with Cin7. 


Expand your customer base when eBay integrates with Cin7. Easily track your inventory, so you know which stocks are available. This way, you can better manage customer expectations and always deliver on your commitment. 

With a Cin7 integration, you can conveniently monitor your stock levels and keep up-to-date with every sale made on eBay. More importantly, you can better understand your customers when you develop your Cin7 CRM with more customer data. 



As one of the leading providers of shipping and tracking solutions for e-commerce businesses, Starshipit reduces your handling time and improves the overall customer experience. There are no hidden charges, and you can sign up for an account for free.

Starshipit integrates with Cin7 to help you automate your shipping process. Reduce human errors and spend less time doing manual data entry so you can focus on growing your business.

It also allows customers to track their own parcels, minimizing your legwork by answering follow-up questions on order status and the like. Furthermore, you can also reduce your cost on shipping rates because you can directly negotiate with your couriers.


Shipstation helps e-commerce businesses streamline their order fulfillment processes. And with a Cin7 integration, you can further boost your workflow processes and easily scale up your business. 

Sync and download orders for easy labeling and dispatching. Better manage your shipping when you add shipping fees to your sales orders in Cin7. And update the shipment status and tracking details in Cin7 after you dispatch the orders. 


Cin7 integrates with courier and freight aggregators like GoSweetSpot. As a domestic and international shipping service provider, import orders to GoSweetSpot easily and update the shipment status and tracking details after dispatch.

Cin7 is Built for Growing Businesses 

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Be one of the thousands of product sellers and retailers that believe in Cin7’s robust inventory solutions. Get your products to more customers worldwide faster and more efficiently through more sales channels. Enjoy end-to-end control and make buying from your store much easier with Cin7.