Get more out of your business’s tools so you can sell more, achieve a seamless order fulfillment process, and provide better customer service. 

Cin7 is more than just a fully-integrated inventory management software. Aside from streamlining your stock management across multiple channels, you can also access Cin7 reports, insights, and advanced analytics. These data can help product sellers and business owners like you understand sales and operations trends and make better business decisions.  

You can turn charts and numbers into custom reports, dashboards, and actionable information with just a few clicks. 

What You Can Do With Cin7 Reports 

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  • Use Cin7 Insights to make smarter business decisions regarding your products, inventory, and channel strategies. Organise your reports in three dashboards: Retail Reports, Standard Reports, and POS Reports. 
  • Know how your business is doing from a Sales and Operations perspective with the at-a-glance summary from the dashboard.
    • Check quick summary numbers from the Top Line Numbers, or check active and inactive connections under Connection Status. 
    • Get a graphical representation of your data under Charts. 
    • Find interesting information or highlights about your business under Activity Lists. 
  • Use customisable pivot table reports on available reports like COGS, cash flow, and inventory, as well as historical sales data for forecasting.
  • Build your reports by changing the fields and data that appear in them. Add specific fields, change their orders or filter results that include specific information. 
  • Create purchase orders quickly and efficiently based on pending production jobs or on available stock.  
  • Access real-time operations and sales data on the homepage dashboard. Take advantage of EDI channel dashboards and accounting integrations. 
  • Import invoices, sales, and purchase orders and calculate COGS in foreign currencies. Cin7 Insights works perfectly with a multi-currency Xero system. 
  • Use Connected Intelligence, a Cin7 paid app that offers predictive analysis and business intelligence reports to help you:
    • Make cash flow forecasts 
    • Perform analyses on planned vs. actual production jobs 
    • Find and fix anomalies in your database most commonly caused by human error
    • Manage your inventory levels more efficiently across branches 
    • Predict future sales and make intelligent purchasing decisions
  • Mark your reports as favorites. You can also view recent reports within a report, within Insights, and from your recent page or favorites.

How Cin7 Reports Can Help Improve Your Inventory Planning 

Cin7 offers an extensive reports library with planning tools to plan your replenishments and purchases according to your past activities. 

With the Inventory Success Quadrant, you can also make decisions based on actionable data and know what products to sell, what prices to set, and which channels to use, just to name a few. 

Moreover, Cin7 keeps your inventory up-to-date whenever you buy, hold, or sell products in every store or location where you store your inventory. 

Cin7: Intelligent Capabilities for Growing Brands

Isn’t it great to readily have all the information you need without having to open spreadsheet after spreadsheet? Cin7 simplifies business processes and operations, making it easier for product sellers and business owners to run their businesses and be transparent with employees, stockholders, partners, and customers. 

Optimise your strategy using extensive insights on sales, channels, and products. See your sales and operations in real-time. Get instant highlights from your customisable homepage dashboard. Simplify workflows and reduce your administrative and accounting tasks. 

Cin7 will help you increase your efficiency and boost your sales. Let our team tell you more about how Cin7 can customise a solution for your business goals. Call, send a message, or drop us an email for a discussion or to request a demo.