As business owners, it’s very important that you have the right understanding of customer needs and requirements. This way, you’ll get the most out of the cash invested and generate maximum profits by selling the hottest products in the market. 

Enter Cin7. It allows various third-party integrations, including demand forecasting software that helps businesses streamline and grow by using intelligent forecasting methods. With Cin7, you can easily increase profit margins, plan products, manage inventory, and reduce costs. 

What is Demand Forecasting Software?

Demand forecasting software is an advanced tool that helps you harness forecasting abilities in a business process. With this tool, you can easily plan and manage the inventory and products of the future and predict future customer needs.

Why Integrate Demand Forecasting Software with Cin7?

That’s because you can integrate Cin7 with demand forecasting solutions like Streamline, SAP, Blue Yonder, Kinaxis RapidResponse, NetSuite, StockTrim, and more. 

StockTrim allows electronic data interchange between two platforms, which makes demand forecasting easy for small businesses. Cin7 has developed features like inventory forecasting, stock controlling, and replenishment planning along with StockTrim to help businesses do successful demand forecasting. This is why StockTrim can be considered ideal by businesses when it comes to predicting stock needs, charting, and preventing losses due to understock. 

How to Integrate Demand Forecasting Software Using Cin7

To integrate a demand forecasting software with Cin7, sign up with any demand forecasting software like StockTrim first. After that, you’ll be redirected to a simple dashboard where you can start filling out the details. 

Below are the details you need to provide if you’re integrating StockTrim with Cin7:

  1. All top sales items which have been understocked
  2. Stock movement prediction by providing the buyer details of the products
  3. Sales forecast and details with advanced machine learning

With all the above information, you’ll automatically enable StockTrim to read all sales history and stock data. It will help the software predict the best and optimal inventory levels and supplier order quantities.

What are the Advantages of Demand Planning Software?

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A demand planning software increases productivity as the data you provide helps predict the demand for the product most searched for by customers. It also reduces the oversupply and shortage of the product in the market. 

In addition, it helps optimise labour management because demand planning software will predict the products’ peaks in advance. This allows you to do staff planning well in advance during high product demand.

Moreover, demand planning software helps your business save a lot by reducing overall inventory costs. You can also easily plan production, warehousing, and shipping of the products as your demand planning software analyses the expected sales of products. 

Lastly, demand forecasting software requires no coding and provides 99% forecast accuracy with the help of AI-based forecasting. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve your business processes and gain more profits, measure product demands down to customer levels using demand forecasting software. Because if done correctly, it will help you achieve continuous sales and increased customer requirements.

We can tell you more about demand forecasting software integration with Cin7. Call, email, or drop us a message so we can discuss the major aspects business owners need to know about this cutting-edge inventory management software.