Shopify allows millions of entrepreneurs worldwide to build their online business and take it anywhere. Because of its easy-to-use store creator and customisable templates with thousands of themes, apps, and integrations, online business owners can now quickly build their brands and online presence. 

Features and Benefits of Shopify

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Shopify is a user-friendly website builder that offers many features to help sellers showcase and sell their products online and in-store. Moreover, Shopify offers different sales channels, POS, apps, features, and integrations, including Cin7, to make your store unique and help you simplify the whole product-selling process. 

Shopify costs in New Zealand range from US$29 to US$299 per month and come with different features, depending on your business needs. But no matter which plan you choose, you’re guaranteed the following features and benefits. 

Optimised for E-Commerce Store

Your Shopify store is mobile-friendly, and your store and its product pages load fast, ensuring the best online shopping experience and quicker, more efficient checkouts for your customers. 

Customisable Online Store

With over 70 professionally-designed, customisable, and responsive themes, you can easily create your online store even without design or coding skills. Simply drag and drop, add copy, upload high-quality pictures, and pick a custom domain to make your Shopify store uniquely yours. 

Packed with Built-In Features 

From online store themes to POS, Buy Button, and checkout features, to sales channels, custom marketplaces, international commerce, and customer storefront tools, Shopify offers a lot of features that help sellers sell more and buyers have a seamless shopping experience. 

Long-Term Support

Aside from getting free updates and the latest available versions of your Shopify themes, you can also work with a Shopify Expert that can help and guide you to make the most of your online business. 

Get instant access to online courses from other successful entrepreneurs, and quickly find answers to your Shopify questions from resources like videos and articles. 

You can also use free resources like Shopify Learn, podcasts, articles, and guides to help you run your business better. 

Managing Your Shopify Store is Even Easier with Cin7 

Managing Your Shopify Store is Even Easier with Cin7 l macroGEN

With just a click of a button, you can import all your products from Shopify to Cin7. 

Manage your e-commerce orders easily by getting real-time stock visibility and control. Bring together all your warehouses, sales channels, accounting software, and more into just one platform. 

Cin7 simplifies order fulfillment by sending orders straight to your warehouse, third-party logistics provider, or even to the closest warehouse to your customer. 

When you integrate Cin7 with your Shopify store, you also spend less time on administrative tasks. That’s because Cin7 automatically downloads orders and customer details and dispatches Shopify orders. It reduces your workload and updates your Shopify stock in real time.

Moreover, you can allocate your stocks by branch. You can even batch Shopify orders into one transaction for easier reconciliation when you upload them to QBO or Xero. 

Shopify Integration with Cin7

With a Cin7 integration, get your products on Shopify to more customers and more sales channels faster. Manage your inventory more efficiently and automate your order workflows. 

And with over 500 online marketplaces, third-party logistics warehouses, accounting platforms, and shipping solutions, Cin7 is the best partner to scale up your business. 

Find out how Cin7 can help your business increase its sales and workflow efficiency and improve customer service. We can walk you through the process and help you come up with a customised solution for your business goals. 

Our team can even help set up your e-commerce store or online marketplace and assist you with its Cin7 integration. Call or message us today!