As a business owner, it’s no longer advisable to keep using the same technologies for many years. Hardware and software are now often replaced, and data migration is something you’ll need to do sooner rather than later. To save you the bulk of tedious tasks that come with data migration, here are some things you should consider when choosing the right data migration software. 

Design and Presentation

It may not be an essential element. But a data migration software’s design and presentation indicate that the developer understands a user’s need for an intuitive and visually appealing software tool. There are some great tools, but bad design makes them a pain to look at and use. 

When choosing the right data migration software, make sure that it follows the basics of good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Even if it doesn’t guarantee that there will be no problems or issues when it comes to migrating your data, good design is a fundamental feature that all migration tools or software should have. 

Price and Performance

There are different features available in various data migration software. Some perform better than others, which means you can purchase them at different prices. Here are some data migration tools you can choose from: 

  • Free solutions – These are often developed as supplementary products for main systems. They’re good quality but are pretty limited in functionality. 
  • Open-source solutions – They have different functions and quality, which can be tricky to work with. Some offer top-notch features, but only a few features are free. To access the complete product, you need to pay for it. Some also offer free tools that are not very well-maintained or often updated. It’s because most developers working on open-source solutions are doing it voluntarily.
  • Paid systems – Unlike free and open-source solutions, paid data migration software accomplishes what they’re designed to do. They can be purchased in different price tiers and come with various features that are all part of the package. 

Client Support / Customer Service

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In a data migration project, there will be many things going on and a lot of people involved. No matter the preparation and the orientation in pre-migration or post-migration, you’ll still have a bunch of questions or need technical support in case issues to arise. 

A good data migration tool should have dedicated technical support or a customer service team that you can contact for any data migration or software-related issues. When picking the right data migration software, make sure that it has support options. Moreover, know what kind of support you’re going to receive, which are often the following:  

  • Live chat –It’s the fastest way to get technical support from the data migration software company. Usually, you’ll just have to visit their website and click on the chat option, if any. 
  • Email – With this support system option, you can simply send an email, get a case ticket number, and receive technical support via email, call, or site visit, depending on the situation. 
  • Forum – You can ask your question via a forum thread or check questions that have already been asked and resolved in one thread or conversation. Simply search for the issue you’re having and find the answer in previous responses, saving you time in the process. 


User reviews are among the most useful things when choosing the right data migration tool. 

The great thing about reviews is they come from actual users who have tried and used the product firsthand. Aside from getting a better idea of how the data migration software works, you’ll also learn about its pros and cons and how you can do basic troubleshooting if needed. 

If you can’t find good reviews online, it may be because the data migration software is relatively new and has only been recently launched. Alternatively, check out their website, read about the product, watch product videos, or even request a demo. 


Last but not least is security. Make sure to check for a security certificate that states what the data migration software covers and the software company’s responsibilities. There are many data migration tools and software available, but choose one from a trusted or well-known developer. 

Final Thoughts

Every data migration project’s success lies in picking the right data migration software or tool. So take your time finding the best one for your business by researching its pros and cons and requesting a demo to understand how the data migration software works and how it can be properly implemented. 

Let us know about your requirements. In turn, we can tell you how we can guarantee a successful data migration. Send us a message or email for more information or to request a demo.