Walmart Marketplace is a professional, invitation-only platform where you can sell your products on You can connect your Walmart Marketplace store to Cin7 to download sales orders and customer information or update stock levels and order statuses. 

How to Connect Cin7 to Walmart Marketplace 

The first step is to get your API Key and Secret Key from Walmart Marketplace. Enter them into Cin7 together with your seller ID. 

You can change your Walmart Marketplace settings once you’re connected. Download Walmart Marketplace orders and dispatch them in Cin7. You can also update the status of orders or stock levels. But to update stock levels, the products must be in Cin7 and Walmart Marketplace, and their codes or SKUs must match. 

On the Walmart Marketplace dashboard, you can find tiles for specific information or key actions. 

  • Order Activity: It shows the number of recent orders and the last downloaded dates. This tile also lets you download orders and view mapped orders. 
  • Order Status: It shows orders that were last downloaded, the number of orders downloaded today and the last seven days. 
  • Stock Activity: It lets you know which products are low in stock and any errors regarding stocks. 
  • Stock Update Status: It displays when stocks were last updated, the number of stock items updated today, and the previous seven days. There’s also a link for updating stock information. 

Connecting Cin7 to Walmart Marketplace

Retrieve some details from Walmart Marketplace, like the Client ID and Client Secret, before connecting to Cin7. This is to ensure a secure connection.

  1. Log in to the Walmart Developer Portal. Choose the US flag under the Login Type for Marketplace Seller Login. 
  2. The page will direct you to generate your API credentials. Have your Client ID and Client Secret ready. 
  3. Add the Walmart Marketplace to the Cin7 account by logging in as Administrator and selecting App Store. 
  4. Select Walmart Marketplace from the Marketplace category and then Request App Installation.  
  5. Upon receiving the request, the Cin7 Customer Success team will get in touch with you. 
Connecting Cin7 to Walmart Marketplace l macroGEN

Connecting Cin7 and Walmart

  1. To connect the two accounts, choose Integrations, and then select Walmart Marketplace.
  2. On the top right of the dashboard, choose Settings and then select Connect.  
  3. Key in your Client ID and Client Secret for Walmart Marketplace.
  4. Connect the Walmart app to Cin7 by selecting Save Connection Settings.

Adding an EDI Connection to Cin7

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is more than data transfer because it has specific standards that control this exchange of electronic business documents. Benefit from real-time data communication with your trading partners like Walmart. Here’s how to add an EDI connection to Cin7

  1. Fill in the form on the EDI Setup page with the following information: 
  • Your Supplier Information (Vendor Number, technical contact email address) 
  • Additional notes/requirements 
  • GS1 Prefix 
  • Product Setup (FIFO, Batch, Perishable, or Serial) 
  • Workflow (Direct, Direct DC, or Dropship)
  1. Submit the details for EDI Integration. Multiple workflows with the same retailer will require separate EDI integrations. 

Setting Up an Existing or New EDI Connection

  1. Check the Cin7 App Store to see if there’s an EDI connection available. If there is, you can connect directly from the App Store. 
  2. If the retailer is not in the App Store, request a new connection through a Cin7 Onboarding Specialist or by emailing 
  3. Next, choose Integrations from the App Store. 
  4. Select the retailer you want to connect under Retailers. This will create a new retailer module under the Integrations category. 
  5. The request will be forwarded to the Cin7 EDI team, who will contact you regarding connection configuration and compliance testing. You may also contact Cin7 Support for help in adding connections.  

For new EDI Retailer integrations, you will need to check with the Cin7 Support team if there are any additional details they’ll need. 

  1. Request technical documentation from the Cin7 EDI team so they can review the documentation and ensure connectivity. 
  2. Once confirmed, the Cin7 EDI team will log the mapping. 
  3. When mapping is completed, the Cin7 EDI team will commence with testing. 
  4. After completion of the compliance testing, the connection will be moved into production. 

Send us a message, call, or email if you need a Cin7 integration expert to assist you. We will work hand in hand with you to understand your system for Cin7 integration.