It’s the biggest online shopping site in the world, popularly known for its auctions of different products. You can sign up for a free account wherever you may be located and buy or sell your items. Items on eBay can fetch top prices, especially if they’re rare, highly collectible, or sought after. You can command the price you want for your items as long as someone is willing to pay the price. 

The great thing is that you can also integrate Cin7 with eBay, allowing you to download products, sales, and customer details and update stock levels and order statuses. Because this integration allows multiple settings, you can easily control how Cin7 interacts with eBay. 

eBay Dashboard

eBay Dashboard l macroGEN

From the eBay dashboard, you can find tiles that show helpful information and useful links to various key functions. 

  • Order Activity – See recent orders and the dates these orders were downloaded. Filter by external ID or Cin7 order reference. If you want to download all orders, just select Download Orders. 
  • Order Status – Aside from the date and number of last downloaded orders, you can see eBay orders’ shipping status here. 
  • Stock Activity – See which products are low in stock and what you need to reorder soon. 
  • Stock Update Status – You can find information here on when the stock was last updated and the current number of stock items. 
  • Product Activity – This shows which order lines have products that haven’t been matched and which exist in eBay but not in Cin7. 
  • Product Status – Aside from the date that products were last downloaded, it shows how many products are on eBay and Cin7.

Connect Cin7 to eBay

Expand your customer base with an eBay and Cin7 integration. Track your inventory and let your customers know exactly which stocks are available. Keep your stock levels updated whenever you make a sale on eBay. More importantly, get better insights about your customers as you build your Cin7 CRM. 

How to Add eBay to Your Cin7

  1. Add the eBay module to your Cin7 account.
  2. Log in as administrator and select the App Store from the left panel. 
  3. Select eBay under Marketplaces, and then select Request App Installation. 
  4. The Cin7 Customer Success team will receive the installation request and will provide an update accordingly. 

How to Connect eBay and Cin7 

  1. Select Integrations and then eBay from the left navigation panel. 
  2. From the top right of the dashboard, select Settings, and then Connect. 
  3. Authorise the connection by logging in to your eBay account.
  4. You’ll then be returned to Cin7. 

Downloading eBay Products into Cin7 

Before you can start downloading eBay products during the importing or matching process, make sure that the products are also published or listed on eBay. Then follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in as administrator in Cin7 and select Integrations from the left navigation panel. 
  2. Next, select the eBay module. 
  3. Select Download Products from the Product Status tile on the dashboard. 
  4. Choose Import All Products or Importa Products Created Since Last Import. 
  5. Wait to complete the sync, then select Next on the confirmation page. 
  6. Just click Next if there are any products that still need to be successfully matched. If there’s any product you don’t want to import, make the changes before you click Next. You can also click Test to see that the import is successful. 
  7. To complete the process, click Import New Products. Products that still need to be added to Cin7 will be imported.
  8. Choose the Channel (or eBay module name) in the Cin7 product details page if you want to update the product’s stock levels to eBay.

The Cin7 Advantage

Grow your eBay customer base with the help of a powerful tool like Cin7. Call, message, or email us so we can walk you through a perfect solution for your business goals.